LED in exclusive river cruise ships

Since 2009, Leds4you is active in the maritime sector (rivercruise passengerships) with energy-efficient and sustainable LED lighting. In existing vessels, our LED light sources can be installed in replacement and renovation projects. Applying is simple, because it often fits within existing LED fixtures, based on the plug and play principle. In the case of new construction projects, we are usually involved as an advisor to the drawing board from the vessel to technical support for LED lighting. This is only possible by excellent cooperation with the ship's engineer, the shipyard and interior manufacturer.  


Through our knowledge of LED lighting, we are able to handle the specific needs of our clients. The atmosphere experience aboard a ship is a very important factor which is created by design but also by lighting. Leds4you makes the right LED color customized, for the right experience.

Extra benefits

Not only energy savings of more than 85% is an advantage of LED. The sharp reduction temperature on board is in many cases more important, which requires less air conditioning capacity. The improved temperature control improves the quality of life on board. Furthermore, switching from shore power to generator power back and forth, appears to be a real halogen killer with a failure rate of> 70% per year. Our LED is up to file, so that an annual loss of < 2% is realistic.


Every ship which is equipped with durable and energy efficient LED lights will receive an eco-certification, where the savings in terms of kWh and CO² emissions are listed.

Track Record

On behalf of the owner the first Eco-five-star river cruise ship MS Amabella was put into use, followed by MS Amaverde in March 2011. Both vessels are fully equipped with 3,000 LED bulbs and 1,5 km LED strip. This year >285,000 kg CO² is saved per ship! Also in March 2011, the river cruise ship SS Antoinette is equipped with LED. The annual CO² saving is more than 224,000 kg. There are several passengers ships, already in use, which are already refitted en converted to LED.