LED tube

LED TLFore some years, Leds4you and its R&D partner PBF Group Almelo engaged with the development of the Leds4you LED TL to achieve a stable electronic product with high light output and long life. In October 2011 this finally resulted in the sustainable and energy efficient Leds4you LED TL.

“Plug and Play” in existing fixtures

The current T8 or T5 fluorescent tube can be replaced by our Leds4you LED TL within the existing fixtures. In many cases the plug-and-play principle applies. By this we actually mean without to much actual installation labour, but this is entirely depending on the existing fixtures.

Types & Measurements

The Leds4you T8 LED TL is available in various sizes, such as the lengths 60cm, 120cm and 150cm. The diameter is 30mm.

The Leds4you T5 LED TL is also available in various sizes. Such as the lengths 30cm, 54.9 cm, 84.9 cm, 114.9 cm and 144.9 cm. The diameter is 15mm.


Our customers have the option to determine change the color of the LED TL. The color temperature is usually expressed in Kelvin.

Saving schedule T8

Dimensions (length) Wattage T8 Really used power T8 TL Wattage T8 Fluorescent Percentage of reduction
60cm 18Watt 27Watt 10Watt 63%
120cm 36Watt 44Watt 20Watt 55%
150cm 58Watt  69Watt 26Watt 64%